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Exercise motivation comes from connecting the dots

When it comes to staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle, people ask me all the time about how to get motivated and stay motivated. After 20 years of teaching strength and conditioning, Empowered Yoga and other fitness strategies, I can state for certain that mental fitness is the key. Your body will do whatever […]

Is THIS really yoga?!

  For the last eight years, I’ve taught the Balanced Athlete program to some of the country’s most elite strength and conditioning coaches, and personal trainers, during the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s annual conference. The Balanced Athlete is a combination of traditional yoga poses and modern day movements that help strengthen an athlete’s mind […]


Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It is the acknowledgment of fear and the willingness to work with it and move beyond it. The refusal to acknowledge fear can cause us to burrow into a hole. That hole becomes a hiding place, providing a claustrophobic atmosphere. There is a maxim that says,” When you […]

Deep Conviction

This week several people told me the same thing I hear ever year at this time. “I am going to begin doing this and accomplish this.” This year my response has been, “Probably not.” The immediate look on people’s faces is one that screams, “Why so discouraging?” Once I see the look I say, “Unless […]

Meditation Teacher

Two weeks back, I finished my third and final weekend of meditation teacher training at OM Yoga in NYC. We are the first graduating class in meditation teacher training program at OM Yoga. Traditionally, to become a meditation teacher, the process is elaborate and encompasses much more training than three weekends. OM Yoga founder, Cyndi […]