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Exercise motivation comes from connecting the dots

When it comes to staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle, people ask me all the time about how to get motivated and stay motivated. After 20 years of teaching strength and conditioning, Empowered Yoga and other fitness strategies, I can state for certain that mental fitness is the key. Your body will do whatever […]

Crawl, walk and run: Conditioning your body for summer

It’s been a long, hellacious winter. I’d venture to say that a fair amount of people have forgotten about their New Year’s fitness resolutions, and have been hibernating indoors. But before you know it, it will be bathing suit season and you’ll wish you’d started doing something sooner about getting back into shape. Summer bodies […]

The best New Year’s resolution advice you’ll ever receive

If you’re a regular gym goer, you know that gyms get crowded in January then attendance dies off in February. It’s the phenomenon of failed resolution. People have a tough time maintaining that feeling of excitement they felt when they first made the commitment. They start strong after the new year but within a few […]

Self Discipline

Building on the literal meaning of discipline, self discipline is the ability to work with the instructions that come in and out of your head on a daily basis. It is learning to discern which thoughts create peace and happiness and which ones create stress and suffering. Paying attention to your relationship with your thoughts […]


The word discipline in its most general sense refers to systematic instruction given to a disciple. The Latin root disciplina “instruction”, from the root discere “to learn,” The origin is the master giving instructions to the disciple. Further elaborating the disciple follows instructions eventually creating a habit around the instructions. The disciple has created a […]