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Giving kids good health and fitness habits for life

Those of us involved with raising children these days are waging a battle with digital devices. We have three children, ages 7, 8 and 14. We have seen a direct correlation between how much time they spend on their telephones, iPads and iPods – even watching TV – and their ability to concentrate and sleep […]

Do you live in the moment or on a continuous loop?

When you woke up this morning, the room, your belongings and your family probably all looked no different than they did yesterday. At first glance, your life was the same. But was it really? Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that “you can never step into the same river twice”. This wisdom exemplifies the flowing nature of […]

How Yoga Works (Part III)

In my last post we looked at two different situations. The two situations were easy to write because I was writing about myself. I have been the ideal and I have been the not so ideal. As time moves along and I continue to practice yoga I become wiser and more aligned with what is […]

Paralysis by Analysis

This morning I had coffee with a long time friend of mine that I have lost touch with. His name is Joe. We caught up for a while on the present, then relived the past, and finished up our time together talking about the future. At one point in the conversation, Joe commented that many […]

Living the Ordinary Extraordinary

After last night’s class, a student asked me a question that no one has ever asked me before. The student, who was new to Empowered Yoga but not new to spiritual practice, asked me if I had opened up my third eye. The third eye is where the Hindus respectfully wear the red dot. The […]