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The Antidote

This is where the practice of yoga steps in. Yoga is the science and art of steadying the mind in this moment. We can do this on a yoga mat or in a seated mediation posture. I use both techniques yet find the seated meditation practice to be a more solid ground to understand and […]


Last night I was watching an interview with Drew Brees who is the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. He said, “I believe in karma: what goes around comes around”. He was referring to his team’s hard work attributing to their undefeated 13-0 record. Karma has become a widely used word and now we even are hearing it […]


I spent this past weekend up in Boston teaching at Metrowest Yoga. Boston is a mature yoga community and they are pretty serious about their yoga. The weekend started with a three hour intensive with a discussion on what it meant to be empowered and concluded Sunday with a discussion on what it meant to […]

Yoga Systems

In a previous Blog I wrote about how my Hatha Yoga was taking a backseat to my Yoga Running. The average reader has probably never been introduced to Yoga running and thinks of yoga as an activity that involves stretching. This is a limited view of yoga and without some knowledge of yoga, how would […]