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Too bloated to work out?

People sometimes tell me that they feel too sluggish or bloated to exercise. They are physically uncomfortable! It’s not something they want to announce to the world, but they are constipated. Typical causes of digestive problems include: • A poor diet. Living on low-fiber processed foods, hidden sugars and lots of grains will bind you [...]

Staying focused = fewer injuries and better results

I’m coming up on my 20th year in the fitness industry. While I’ve spent about half of that time in yoga, I’ve never really left the strength & conditioning industry. Over this next decade, I’m interested in bringing the two together in a really pragmatic way. Hatha yoga is a very sophisticated form of exercise. [...]

Natural Products Expo 2011

The Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA featured Empowered Yoga Founder Johnny Gillespie and Tomorrow’s Nutrition for a new approach to alignment and hatha yoga principles. Here is a short video summary of the event.

Verge yoga

Yesterday I lead a workshop at verge yoga in Wayne, pennsylvania. The founder is Cara Bradley who is a long time friend, fellow strength coach and yoga teacher. There was a point during the workshop where I looked around at the packed room of students and they were in perfect alignment in flat back positions. [...]

Yoga in a Bottle

Until the onset of electricity 100 years ago, human beings went to bed after sun down and arose at sunrise. We slept 10-12 hours a day, ate foods from the earth, walked everywhere or rode a horse. There were no tv’s, ipods or emails. Life was more organic and slower, allowing us to spend more [...]