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We all have a tendency to some degree to look outside of ourselves for answers. We think that someone is going to swoop into our lives and save the day—leaving us free from our problems. I remember first meeting David Nichtern, who is a senior Shambhala teacher and also one of my mentors. He said […]

Importance in Personalizing

The beauty of yoga is beginning to understand the paradoxical nature of truth. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit yuj, meaning, “To yoke” or “to unite”. It connotes the idea of balancing out the polarities. It is within this balance that we discover oneness. When the Buddha was asked how to tune a lute he […]

The Big Picture

When I was first introduced to present moment awareness, I thought “this is hard”. In educating myself about my own mind I realized that in many ways my mind has always controlled my life. My habits and judgments and the past have always lead the way. In the beginning I realized if I could just […]

Face to Face

This past weekend, I participated in the Shambhala Level One Sacred Warrior training at our Empowered Yoga Wilmington location. During discussion on Sunday, one participant wanted to know why we were not made aware of the schedule beyond when to arrive and depart. He was directly referring to the amount of time we spent in […]