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Spinning Wheel

As we think the same thoughts over and over again they become patterns in our lives. Eastern philosophy uses the analogy of a wheel. The wheel spins in a direction and our lives spin in that same direction. Thoughts become words, words become actions, and then actions become our deeds. Deeds turn into character and […]

Dynamic Self

In Buddhist wisdom the self is viewed as dynamic and alive and not some fixed object of permanence. If the self was permanently unchanging then it would not be affected by thoughts, emotions and concepts so what would it have if it did exist? When we treat ourselves as a fixed identity—we are taking ourselves […]


After his enlightenment, Siddhartha was uncertain as to whether he should share his experience. He could see how humans were overpowered by hatred, greed, and delusion – blinding them from seeing the true way to happiness. He was not sure if he could make a difference. Dharma means “the path to the way”. The word […]


Siddhartha taught throughout the countryside of India and surrounding areas for 45 years. He would end all of his talks by telling attendees to go back to your villages and teach these teachings in a language and understanding that is clear to your people. There was no ego or ownership to his teachings. Siddhartha viewed […]


Siddhārtha Gautama, often referred to as “the Buddha”, was a prince who lived around 500 BCE in modern-day India. His father, the King, sheltered Siddhartha and kept him largely confined to a royal life of luxury within the palace. At the age of 29 Siddhartha felt that material wealth was not the ultimate goal of […]