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Exercise motivation comes from connecting the dots

When it comes to staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle, people ask me all the time about how to get motivated and stay motivated. After 20 years of teaching strength and conditioning, Empowered Yoga and other fitness strategies, I can state for certain that mental fitness is the key. Your body will do whatever […]

The best New Year’s resolution advice you’ll ever receive

If you’re a regular gym goer, you know that gyms get crowded in January then attendance dies off in February. It’s the phenomenon of failed resolution. People have a tough time maintaining that feeling of excitement they felt when they first made the commitment. They start strong after the new year but within a few […]

Immunity To Change

In their book, Immunity to Change, Harvard professors, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey, conclude that after 30 years of studying change, they can bring all of their research down to a simple explanation about why most humans are immune to change: “Unless you are willing to get in touch with the fundamental anxiety of […]

Evolutionary Impulse by Andrew Cohen

The evolutionary process is going somewhere. And now, maybe for the first time in history, we can decide with more conscious awareness where it’s going. But our ability to do that depends entirely upon who we understand ourselves to be. What part of our self are we identifying with? Is it the personal psychological ego, […]

How Yoga Works (Part III)

In my last post we looked at two different situations. The two situations were easy to write because I was writing about myself. I have been the ideal and I have been the not so ideal. As time moves along and I continue to practice yoga I become wiser and more aligned with what is […]