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Achieve that ‘runner’s high’ by paying attention to your breathing

  Now that the weather is getting nicer, people gravitate toward more outside activities. Running remains a very popular way to enjoy the outdoors and stay in shape. If you also run to get that feel-good runner’s “high” … here’s why you should focus on your breathing technique.  We could all run well until we […]

Are your mind and body really in synch?

Most of us are so busy that even when we take “me” time, it’s hard for us to clear our minds. It’s easy for me to pick out the people at the gym who are zoning out and probably thinking about a dozen things other than their workouts. Here are a few tricks to help […]

To become a balanced athlete, start by looking in the mirror

There’s a good reason why quality fitness centers have so many mirrors. They aren’t there to remind you of how much weight you still need to lose. They are there to help you become more balanced. This month, I’m conducting several training sessions on the balanced athlete. I developed this training, which is a blend […]

My favorite remedies for holiday stress

The average American will gain 8-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. People tend to back off of exercise, and spend more time shopping and attending parties. Some of us will also be hanging out with not-so-favorite relatives. Meanwhile, we’re thinking about our New Year’s resolutions: Next year will be different. No wonder we’re stressed! We’re […]

How Yoga Works (part two) Two Situations

Ideal situation You wake with gentle zen chimes (this really makes a difference for me, available on itunes yet they also sell Zen alarm clocks) from a good night sleep where you were predominantly resting in theta and delta waves. You wake up with sufficient time to prepare for work. You get out of bed […]