Balanced Athlete

Toning your muscles for summer

Each year as the weather starts to warm up, and swimsuit season approaches, people come into the gym saying that they want to tone up but not bulk up. Let’s correct a misconception right now: When you exercise, you’re going to tone and strengthen your muscles. If you start “bulking up”, it basically means you’re [...]

Crawl, walk and run: Conditioning your body for summer

It’s been a long, hellacious winter. I’d venture to say that a fair amount of people have forgotten about their New Year’s fitness resolutions, and have been hibernating indoors. But before you know it, it will be bathing suit season and you’ll wish you’d started doing something sooner about getting back into shape. Summer bodies [...]

Too bloated to work out?

People sometimes tell me that they feel too sluggish or bloated to exercise. They are physically uncomfortable! It’s not something they want to announce to the world, but they are constipated. Typical causes of digestive problems include: • A poor diet. Living on low-fiber processed foods, hidden sugars and lots of grains will bind you [...]

Are your mind and body really in synch?

Most of us are so busy that even when we take “me” time, it’s hard for us to clear our minds. It’s easy for me to pick out the people at the gym who are zoning out and probably thinking about a dozen things other than their workouts. Here are a few tricks to help [...]

To become a balanced athlete, start by looking in the mirror

There’s a good reason why quality fitness centers have so many mirrors. They aren’t there to remind you of how much weight you still need to lose. They are there to help you become more balanced. This month, I’m conducting several training sessions on the balanced athlete. I developed this training, which is a blend [...]